For dubstep’s bad boy, Jeff Abel (alias: EXCISION),  selling out shows and filling music venues to capacity across North America and the rest of the world is not an unfamiliar accomplishment. With an enticing name like EXCISION, it is easy to become intrigued with this young Canadian producer and his sound that is uniquely his own. Leading the lineup  for THE X TOUREXCISION  just recently set out alongside LIQUID STRANGER and LUCKY DATE with state of the art  production equipment that will unveil in over 50 different cities across North America. Luckily for dubstep fans in the North West he made a few appearances and performed in Seattle, Spokane, and other various cities.

Confidently telling  fans they would witness a performance unlike any other ever seen, EXCISION lived up to every word of his promise. Exceedingly well planned, THE X TOUR show in Spokane, Washington was a perfect combination of these artists’ different sounds. Building up the anticipation for EXCISION, his fellow music producers and opening acts on the tour–LUCKY DATE and LIQUID STRANGER–performed onstage in front strange shapes covered by black sheets that could only be the highly anticipated and infamous stage visuals for EXCISION’s set. Slowly building the anticipation for EXCISION‘s arrival on stage,  LIQUID STRANGER and LUCKY DATE gave exemplary performances. Thanks to the the “soul-shattering” sound system provided by PK Sound Systems, each producer’s set seemed to only increase in volume as the night went on.

Starting things off, LUCKY DATE’s upbeat descants explosively got the crowd moving into an uproar of dancing bodies. Taking the stage soon after, LIQUID STRANGER‘s low-end frequencies and drops left the crowd practically drooling for what was to come.  It was only then that EXCISION finally made his appearance on stage, releasing the climax of anticipation that had been built progressively throughout the night. Welcomed by screams and chants of his name that echoed and reverberated off the walls of the Knitting Factory in a deafening roar, he finally took the stage and released upon the crowd an exalting array of twisted sound decibels combined with a light show outrageous enough to induce a sudden episode of epilepsy in any audience member. Relentlessly releasing track after track upon the audience, EXCISION’s performance was nothing short of spectacular.

The tracks he performed were meticulously mixed to a point of perfection that when combined with the visuals of his stage were nothing short of a sensory overload. His personal variation of the genre dubstep that we all know and love is a flawless blend of heavy lines of drum and bass, the invigorating ferociousness of metal and electro, and the fluid vibes of hip-hop. From the individuals fighting their way to the front  of the audience in hopes of feeling the full effect of the eighteen inch sub-woofers that filled the front of the venue, to those dancing and raging through out the rest of the venue, its easy to say his collaborations moved the crowd to the point of physical exhaustion. Playing personal remixes of songs like ‘Equinox’ by SKRILLEX and ‘Internet Friends’ by KNIFE PARTY, the audience went wild for his EXCISION truly showed his capability to add his own sound to those of other successful producers in the electronic music scene. EXCISION has truly out done himself since the last time he was on tour; upgrading his 50,000 watt system to a mind numbing, spine tingling 100,000 watts of sound compliments of PK Sound.

A seemingly never complacent artist and whose name is always on the tongues of electronic music fanatics, he has worked with many different artists and has showcased his talent time and time again through various tours, remixes of songs, and doing collaborations with other big name producers in the electronic music industry. EXCISION is at it again and is working with his producers to release a remix EP for his X RATED’ album, just after its release in October of 2011. He informed his loyal followers on Facebook that “nearly every track on the album will be remixed!” His seemingly effortless capability to mix tracks that pleasingly assault the ears of dubstep/drum and base fanatics across the world is the reason this young producer will never become stagnant in music production and will continue to astound audiences and critics alike.

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